At Blue Label Telecoms, we’re looking for outliers. People who have a drive to better themselves, their teams and the business with every decision and interaction. We have built an organisation that recognises achievements and celebrates successes. We thrive on collaboration and offer our team members excellent work environments where enjoyment is a part of the experience. Honesty and integrity are non-negotiables, and outstanding customer service is the underpinning principle throughout all our operations. Our company culture is driven by principles that have been at the core of our business since day one:

Despite being listed on the JSE, we haven’t let go of our entrepreneurial spirit. It drives us to innovate, embrace new technology, and actively pursue new markets and channels. No amount of red-tape and bureaucracy can deter us from exploring new opportunities.

We believe that your potential is exponential. We’re looking for employees who want to partner with us in developing careers, not just candidates signing up for a salary. If you’re dedicated to being more than you were yesterday, we’ll support your efforts to develop your skills. We invest in our staff by providing training and development opportunities because we believe this is what guarantees our competitive edge.

You don’t have to be miserable to be successful. We strive for work-life balance because we value our people. Through our group wellness programme, we encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices so they can excel. We address issues proactively by identifying when employees are at risk of losing their balance.

Growth and expansion are written into the blueprint of our organisation. We’re continually exploring new territories so we can keep innovating and provide our team members with the opportunity to grow.

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