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We offer cellular solutions and innovations to small, medium and large companies who wish to embrace the mobile revolution and develop strategies to take their products and services into the mobile environment. We promise the best marketing intelligence to guide our customers with promoting the best content delivered by the best technology.

We pride ourselves on our suite of products that overcomes the barriers to using cellular technology in marketing strategies.

Our technology platform facilitates all mobile bearers, namely: mobile terminate mobile terminate mobile terminate(MT) sms, mobile originate mobile originate mobile originate(MO) sms, premium rated premium rated premium rated(PR) mobile originate sms, online billing via mobile networks, multimedia messaging service Multimedia Messaging Service Multimedia Messaging Service(MMS), Wireless Application Protocol Wireless Application ProtocolWAP and web services, location-based services Location Based Services Location Based Services(LBS), unstructured supplementary services data Unstructured Supplementary Service Data Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) and interactive voice response Interactive Voice Response Interactive Voice Response(IVR). We connect to all South African mobile networks to offer best of breed mobile services.






We offer our partners the ability to sell mobile entertainment and information (mobile content) services to consumers through a variety of media and technology channels. Our unique architecture, revolving around a customer relationship management (CRM) engine, allows very sophisticated workflow and service provision that caters for the vast majority of consumer applications. It is fast, robust and reliable.
We have developed an instant messenger for both phone and PC client. It offers connectivity to all other major instant messengers (e.g. Yahoo, MSN, Skype and GTalk) as well as certain community sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace). It offers multiple information streams and mobile content services, to keep even the most hyperactive user engrossed and absorbed.

We provide solutions to a wide range of businesses, offering services like bulk sms and remote access via Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) or
Wireless Application ProtocolWAP. Though our applications, many business processes have been made more efficient and convenient.
We offer a number of different mobile marketing solutions, in the form of competitions, polls, quizzes, tickertapes and more. These are used to augment our partners’ or clients’ existing strategies and allows them to incorporate interactivity and mobile access into their campaigns and CRM.
Any mobile solution would be incomplete without a good support system in place for users confounded by the vagaries and complexities of mobile phones and bearers. We have an in-house call centre that is available to our customers in order to support their consumers and staff. It is staffed by a well-trained and helpful team who are able to walk customers through almost any problem or issue they confront.

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