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Cellfind Mobile Financial Services

Cellfind’s Mobile Financial Services division designs and develops secure financial services that includes statement and payment solutions for mobile applications and .mobi sites, and mobile banking.

Replace your paper statements and bills with secure mobile statements that are delivered directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

miStatement is used in the following sectors and industries:
  • Financial services (statements, collection notices)
  • Insurance (policies, renewal notices)
  • Medical (statements)
  • Retail (accounts, loyalty statements, promotions)
  • Government (utility bills)
  • Corporates (payslips)
  • Instant delivery
  • Reduce debtors’ days and increase cashflow
  • Simplify customer communication
  • Reduces distribution costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reaches customers who don’t have internet access
Key features
  • No additional software required
    Customers can view their mobile statements on their mobile phones using
    Short Message ServiceSMS and Wireless Application ProtocolWAP
  • Legally compliant
    Customers have instant access to their historic statements
  • Comprehensive reporting
    Delivery and read receipts notify you when your customer has received and read your statement
  • Secure
    Statements can be secured with a Personal Identity NumberPIN to ensure privacy.
How it works
  • Design your statement
  • Upload the statement data using our secure portal or Application Programming Interface; allowing for direct integration from the customer to the Group’s messaging platformsAPI and schedule delivery
  • Your statements are formatted, encrypted and delivered directly to your customer’s mobile phone
  • Your customers can now view their statements securely and conveniently
  • Customers can also make payment directly from the mobile statement
To try miStatement simply SMS “miStatement” to “41585”. You will receive an SMS with a WAP link. Click on the link to view the statement.

Alternatively, contact us on or 27 (0)11 848 8200. Please use the following reference: BLT Webre
Bring your customers closer to you by offering easy convenient payments on their mobile phones – anytime and anywhere.

  • Seamless integration
  • Reduced cost of collection
  • Multiple methods of payment, offering better customer service
Key features
  • Industry leading security, powered by Mastercard
  • Instant notification of payment
  • Supports all debit, cheque and credit cards
  • Comprehensive reporting
How it works
  • Your business customer is directed to myMobilePay for payment
  • He or she selects the preferred payment method and authenticates the payment using a Personal Identity NumberPIN
  • Your business receives real time notification of the payment
Replace your paper payslips today with secure mobile payslips that are delivered directly to your employee’s mobile phone.

  • Instant delivery
  • Simplify employee communication
  • Reduce distribution cost
  • Environmentally friendly
Key features
  • No additional software required
    Employees can view their payslips on their mobile phone using Short Message ServiceSMS and Wireless Application ProtocolWAP
  • Legally compliant
    Employees have instant access to their historic payslips
  • Comprehensive reporting
    Delivery and read receipts notify you when your employees have received and read their payslips
  • Secure
    Payslips can be secured with a Personal Identity NumberPIN to ensure privacy
How it works
  • Upload your payslip data using the secure MiPayslip portal, and schedule delivery
  • Your payslips are formatted, encrypted and delivered directly to your employees’ mobile phones
  • Employees can now view their payslips securely and conveniently
To try miPayslip simply SMS “miPayslip” to “41585”. You will receive an SMS with a WAP link. Click on the link to view the payslip. Use PIN 1234.

Alternatively, contact us on or 27 (0)11 848 8200. Please use the following reference: BLT Webref
Cellfind has worked across Africa developing innovative mobile banking and mobile money solutions that provide secure self-service banking through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) and mobile applications. With our partner banks and micro-finance institutions, we bring the banked customer closer to the bank and provide mobile banking for the those who do not have easy access to bank accounts.

Customers can perform balance enquires, transfer money, make payments to beneficiaries and even purchase prepaid airtime and electricity. The solution also offers mobile wallets with full support for an agent network, unlocking affordable and accessible banking and extending the reach of financial institutions by deploying agents in the field.

Cellfind’s mobile banking solution is also the only one of its kind in the world that seamlessly integrates into a large number of Global Standard for Mobile communicationGSM networks for unparalleled security and protection against fraud.

By eliminating the aggregation layer, our solution reduces costs and increases reliability and control. It supports real-time Subscriber Identification Module CardSIM checking, multiple networks, multiple countries, multiple languages, full redundancy and a failover strategy to deal with outages.

Features and benefits
  • Registration and maintenance of mobile wallet accounts
  • Conducting and approving KYC (know your customer)
  • Movement of funds from mobile wallet to mobile wallet or mobile wallet to bank account instantly (debit and credit to the accounts happen in real time)
  • Online payment product transactions for
    • mobile wallet to mobile wallet
    • mobile wallet to bank account transfers
    • and over the counter transfers to mobile wallet accounts
  • Self-service transactions - self-service menu options allow the customer to perform the transaction by himself/herself from a mobile phone
  • Agent assisted transactions - assisted transactions allow the banking correspondent/agent to perform transactions on behalf of the customer, as well as allowing cash-in and cash-out transactions
Management and Reporting Features
  • A web-based interface allows access over the Internet to monitor and manage accounts
  • Supports configuration, calculation and maintenance of commission, fees (with real time calculation and accrual)
  • Supports at least two levels of hierarchies including the distributor and agent model
  • Dashboard– for real time monitoring
  • The solution caters for the following reports:
    • Transactional Reports – for service invocations; transactions for customers, retailers, agents; and system as whole, regulatory-mandated reports
    • Reconciliation reports - transactions involving third party systems, operators, banks, and retailers that have unique transactions
    • System Reports – for management, customers, partners, live performance and alarms
    • Fraud monitoring and custom reporting is also available
Client benefits
Unlike many mobile banking systems, Cellfind’s mobile banking platform is not a parallel banking system, but rather integrates with the existing core banking system of the partner bank.

By integrating mobile banking with the core banking system, payment paths will not change and the bank staff will not have to operate a second system.

Mobile banking offers a new channel to the bank, giving it the ability to cross-sell and up-sell complex banking products and services such as vehicle loans or credit cards, further driving revenue per customer and forming stronger relationship between the bank and its customers.

Advantages of Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Banking extends the reach of banking into any area of the country, regardless of internet access or bank footprint
  • Customers can transact at any time, make payments, purchase value added services, or pay bills at their convenience
  • Mobile banking is user friendly and offers a familiar user interface, making banking hassle-free and instantaneous
  • Clear audit trails exist for all mobile transactions
  • Mobile banking cuts travel time and costs for customers while also reducing the traditional cost of servicing customers. Operational hours are extended as mobile applications are available 24/7
  • Banking through mobile channels reduces the risk of fraud. One-Time-PINs via SMS are used to provide additional security when required, and transactional SMS notification provides visibility at all times, whenever there is an activity on accounts
  • These notifications can be sent for deposits, cash withdrawals, funds transfers, payments and more
  • Mobile banking allows the bank to reach the customers more directly, and more frequently, thus enabling a better understanding of their needs and experiences, which in turn enables the bank to enhance their value proposition
  • Banks can also promote and sell their products and services such as credit cards, loans etc. to a specific group of customers via the mobile banking application and measure interaction intelligentl
  • Various banking services such as account balance enquiry, credit/debit alerts, bill payment alerts, transaction history, fund transfer facilities, and minimum balance alerts can be accessed via the mobile banking application
iMaliMate is a simple, secure mobile app that gives you financial control by letting you view and pay your bills, track your spend, and manage your budget from the palm of your hand.
How does it work?
  • Link your accounts to receive and view your bills anywhere, anytime from your mobile
  • Payment of bills is quick and easy
  • Quickly and easily track your spending and manage your budget

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