Bulk printing is quick and easy to use and quick to set up solution for the distribution and dispensing of for any prepaid, PIN-based product for wholesale.

Our bulk print distribution offers a direct-to-wholesaler solution for prepaid bulk vouchers for all prepaid requirements. Bulk voucher printing is fast, efficient and secure. Prepaid vouchers are transported in a virtual encrypted format and distributed through a secure software system that allows the delivery of virtual prepaid voucher PINs to multiple merchants, no matter where they are based in South Africa.

How does bulk printing work?

PIN numbers are printed on physical paper vouchers by a wholesaler, which can be sold in bulk to traders from the wholesaler. Blue Label Telecoms supplies blank vouchers that can be printed through a standard dot matrix printer. Stock (PINs) is downloaded from Blue label Telecoms upon demand, and can also be stored on a PC.

Our bulk voucher printing solutions offer the following prepaid products:

  • MTN
  • Vodacom
  • Cell C
  • Telkom
  • UniPIN
  • Bela
  • Neotel

Blue Label Telecoms will ensure that a merchant is fully set up and supported to become a bulk print vendor. We will supply the necessary software, set up the wholesaler’s PC and printer on site, supply a dot matrix printer if required, train users to run the software, train merchants on how to merchandise the products, supply the paper vouchers, manage all virtual stock requirements, managed and audit the accounting process of bulk print solution, host the central virtual warehouse for stock, and distribute/manage all of the bulk print systems.


The Static (Button Option) Vending Machine is our self-service terminal which frees up your till points by offering an extra point of sale device within your retail environment.

These units operate in an offline environment (meaning they periodically connect to the server to collect the stock).

Being end-user operated, and completely self-service, our vending machines ease congestion at till points and are ideal for busy supermarkets, 24-hour forecourts, and hotels.


Blue Label Telecoms has mobile and static point-of-sale (POS) terminals that offer multiple configurations of communication methods with connectivity via Ethernet, GPRS/EDGE/3G, as well as Wifi.

The POS devices can be equipped to handle any variety of smart card, magnetic card, and NFC capability; and can be configured to make product and menu options available in both online and offline mode (or any combination thereof). This allows the encrypted PIN stock of frequently-used products to be delivered to, and stored on, the POS device; with connectivity being required when the POS device requires additional stock of locally-stored product, or a customer requires a stock item that is not stored locally — such as an online electricity token.

The devices are operated by the cashier and are password protected, ensuring transactions are secure.

They offer quick transacting and an accurate reporting system and their convenience makes them attractive to shoppers and hence to the retailer. They are suitable for low to medium turnover sites, independent stores, spaza shops and taverns.

The benefits for the customer include increased product choice and greater convenience.


The KIOSK is an all-inclusive financial services point-of-sale terminal, suitable for busy, high-volume retailers. PC based, with scanners, card and cheque reader attached, it is a counter-top unit operated by a cashier.

The KIOSK is able to print multiple vouchers in a single transaction, enhancing the range of products available to customers and speeding up transactions. Because the system is password protected, client security is not compromised.

Advantages of the KIOSK:

  • Speedy services allow high turnover
  • Separate cash box for effective cash management
  • Product dispensing is quick and easy
  • Full reporting functionality
  • Automated stock management and replenishment using GPRS
  • Web-based management
  • Staff shift management